Go Bulls is a generative collection of 7777 NFTs designed to provide AIO merchandising & distribution services across any blockchain! The number one promised (and not delivered upon) utility across any chain is merch.

We're here to change the game & provide the infrastructure needed to successfully deliver products B2B & B2C! Our holders will receive IRL redeemables, SPL based rewards, & much more sustainably sourced from our multiple tangible revenue streams.

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The Web3 space is constantly shifting, however we know one thing remains constant. Service & infrastructure providers with a meaningful & needed service thrive no matter the market conditions.

At the end of the day, our goal is to deliver REAL value, directly to the people of Web3 & help support existing & upcoming projects in their ecommerce ventures!

Digital & IRL Collectibles

High quality PFPs, mystery boxes, merch, prints & more!

We've already sourced popular Solana projects such as Yeah Tigers & UFE with merch solutions from A-Z & we haven't even launched yet.

Our infrastructure speaks for itself & will allow us to actually deliver these products directly to our holders & clients!


A portion of our mint revenue and royalties will be deposited into the treasury, where our community will be able to vote and decide on which digital assets to invest in. Revenue and profit earned will be used to support further project expansion and community rewards.

The Yarn Factory

Go Bulls is looking to put together not only one of the hottest Web3 E-Commerce brands to launch in the midst of a bear market, but to also uplift other creator's & builders in the process!

Hoodies, hats, thermos, cups, prints, mousepads, whatever you can think of; we can customize, produce, & ship (B2B or B2C) in 21 days or less (7 for express shipping)

The phrase "bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3" is overused & cliché, but we have the means to actually deliver on those often broken promises via our industry connections. We will open a hypebeast shop (in addition to our e-commerce shop) for web2 consumers featuring customized works from our talented team of artists as well as those of our partner projects!

All of our goods will have QR codes & stickers where the purchaser will be able to join our community & participate in the space.

A-Z Merch Solutions

Built from the ground up, we've established strong relationships with our Web2 & Web3 partners. The backbone supporting this project is B2B (Project to Project) AIO merch solutions from design, manufacture, & drop shipping directly to the consumer.

We work directly with manufacturers/shipping to ensure we can guarantee fully customizable client orders are filled in 21 days or less and are produced with only quality materials. Everything you need under the sun from A-Z.

Future Airdrops

All holders will be eligible for airdrops, tokenized staking rewards & access to holders only IRL redeemable prizes!

You said gib? We gib.


What is Go Bulls?


We are a collection of 3500 bulls charging into the Solana space.

Wen Mint?


Q1 2023, exact date to be revealed.

How much?


1.5 SOL!

Where mint?


Join our Discord to vibe with the bulls and details will be revealed there!